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Quinta da Murteira  


  Starry Dreams
       or   Breezy Dreams

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Country Cottage in

Natural Reserve

Santa Catarina, Tavira

Casa Mariposa


A 3-Bedroom- House near the Waterfront,

Santa Luzia, Tavira 

Casa Brisa da Ria

             A Space of Your Own
Casa de campo                      com Cozinhas

A Short STORY of 

                      The Long HISTORY

Quinta da Murteira is a 3.5-hectare quiet nature land in between hills, filled with wild flowers; at night, the clear sky is filled with stars.


“Murteira” means “the land where murta(= myrtle)grows”in Portuguese. It is a native plant found in the lower part of the hills giving lovely white flowers in spring, which turns into little purple berries in autumn.  


There used to be a farmer family who were cultivating this land about one hundred years ago; however, they were deceased in ‘60, the field was left uncared for decades. It was Anne and Georges, a couple from Belgium, who discovered and revitalized this abandoned land.


The farmers were planting various trees in the entire space while building extensive mule tracks, wells, and stone houses. Surprisingly, some of these trees are still growing as well as the old wells are still collecting water.


In 2003, When Anne and Georges found the land in the end of a dusty road, they saw mere remaining of the buildings and overgrown brambles invading the whole area.

At the same time, the government had decided the entire region to be a natural reserve, hence permits for new construction became restricted except for the rebuilding of the registered ruins.

The couple took this as a chance to create a sustainable life in a quiet environment; they decided to launch on this adventure.


It took years to receive permits to build their house and a guest cottage; meanwhile, they were toiling to widen the road, install electricity, drill for water, and wrestle against whipping brambles.

In 2007, the country cottage Casa Mariposa was ready to serve the first guests. Since then, all of the visitors were fascinated by the nature, the stars, and tranquility far from the tourist bustles.


One sunny morning in 2015, Anne and Georges were in a little fishing village close to Tavira. Dazzling reflexion of the blue lagoon immediately enchanted them.

They bought a small fisherman’s house near the waterfront, and renovated it with a lot of love; this was the birth of Casa Brisa da Ria in Santa Luzia.


Anne found herself alone in Quinta da Murteira, in late 2018. To help her work,  the sole son arrived with his wife  in the following year.

A miniature culture had began. The 100-year old mule tracks started to reappear....


The thorny tentacles of brambles are still annoying the 2nd generation of Quinta da Murteira. It will never change , because they have a role in nature also. So do humans who happened to be here.

Hope that the beauty of this unique nature will be shared endlessly, for continuing peace under the immutable sky. As such, birds will chant each day and flowers will bloom each year, until the new starlight arrives from far in the universe....


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